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COVID-19 Update

Keeping our clients safe is our number one priority. We want to assure our community that we have been taking proper precautions to promote safety and reduce risk of infection here at New Beginnings. 

The following Action Plan has been implemented in collaboration with our Staff members and in consult with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the DHCS (Dept. of Health Care Services)

New policies have been created that take the health and safety of our clients and staff into consideration with every possible safety measure in place to continue to offer excellent care. 

As a healthcare provider that offers treatment and care, these are the following actions that have been taken:

  • Increased and regular cleaning of all of our facilities, including having all the supplies on hand to prevent the spread of the virus 

  • Continuing existing hand washing initiatives throughout the day and more frequent cleaning of public areas including bathrooms, doorknobs, and light switches 

  • All clients are pre-screened prior to admission by our Admissions and Medical department 

  • Every staff’s temperature is checked before coming on the property and we are ensuring that our employees have the information they need to practice all the necessary precautions for themselves, their families, and our clients 

  • Restricting visitors, and any unnecessary people coming to the facility 

  • We have extra food and water for all locations as a precaution

  • We are in constant contact with our local health department to receive important community-specific updates 

  • All plans are in place to use tele-medicine when necessary to do so and separate housing areas if need be 

As we know, substance use disorder does not take breaks and we have to be ready more than ever to serve those needing our help. New Beginnings will continue to closely monitor the health and safety of our clients and staff as this situation continues to evolve. Our clients are in a medically supervised environment with a small population and we will continue to make sure they stay safe and well. 


For detailed information on COVID-19, please see:


Recovery & Supportive Housing

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